Friday, 1 July 2011

Day 61 - Update

After running 10 miles this morning, I've managed to get 5 hours sleep, watch a couple of films and update the blog. Fortunately, the air conditioning has been on in the RV all afternoon which has made things slightly bearable. I woke up in a sweat and with a bit of a headache this afternoon such was the heat in the RV. The RV's air conditioning reduces the temperature by around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. So when it was 106 outside it was approximately 86 inside!

The show gets on the road shortly after 9 pm where I will be running for as long as I can into the early hours of the morning. I should be able to get to the 1700 mile point by about 2 in the morning. This will mean that I have to run an average of 34 miles over the remaining 39 days to reach New York on August 8th. Nee bother.