Sunday, 31 July 2011

Day 91 done, day 92 - Underway

It's all kicking off here in Pennsylvania. I managed 35 miles yesterday before stopping due to tiredness. Strangely, I couldn't sleep so I ran another 7 miles giving a total of 42. 

Just after I stopped for the day, the RV got pelted with rocks by some teenagers in a passing car! I knocked one of my blisters as I screamed at them out of the window. I now have a huge section of exposed skin on my left foot.

Despite this latest knock, I'm now determined to get to New York more than ever.  I'll catch up with the blog as best as I can over the coming days. Time is tight. There are 368 miles left to run over the remaining 9 days.

I'm dedicating today's miles to the memory of Sir Bobby Robson who I had the pleasure of meeting in 2003.