Saturday, 16 July 2011

Shoes up for grabs

I'm putting up for grabs, via auction, my famous "PAIR 5" Brooks Glycerin 8 Running Shoes. These are the running shoes that saw me through the end of Utah, through Colorado and into Kansas. They have seen a lot of action in the Rocky Mountains including the run up to Rabbit Ears Pass (9000 ft) and Berthoud Pass (11300 ft). 

The shoes are size 11 and have a total mileage of 480 miles in them. Bidding started at £5 via my Twitter feed this morning. At the time of writing, the current highest bid is £40 by @blefuscu74 (Diane Pringle).

I'll be ending the auction on Tuesday 19th July at 9 pm (BST). If you would like to bid then please do so via Twitter (search for @rungeordierun) or send an email to

Do I hear £50 for my PAIR 5 Brooks Glycerin 8 Running Shoes? Please get your bids in to avoid severe disappointment.