Friday, 17 August 2007

Day 42 - So close to a major sponsorship landmark!

It's still hard to believe that the sponsorship amount for my efforts is just short of £25,000. That is an incredible amount and one that I did not dream was possible when I started planning the big run. I always thought that my initial target of £10,000 was possible so you can imagine how pleased I am with more than double that amount. Not to mention how pleased St Benedict's Hospice are!

It would be brilliant if the fund reached £25,000 before I did the lap of honour around St James' Park tomorrow.

Speaking of the lap of honour, I'm very excited about running around the pitch at half time. I'll be wearing the full home kit of course. My shinpads are in the wash so I'll be leaving them at home! Katy and Jack will be there to see the whole thing. It'll be Jack's first match. I found it daunting as a 15 year old going to the match for the first time (a 0-2 loss to QPR). Goodness knows how 4 year old Jack will cope with the noise.

I've asked the club to play some music from the Rocky soundtrack during the lap. I think the adrenalin will be pumping so fast, I doubt I'll even hear the music. I think Local Hero might get an airing too.

Hopefully, chants of "Who are ya, who are ya" and "You fat b*&^*d" will be kept to a bare minimum!

I've been promised a few beers afterwards in The Bridge by friends and colleagues. Due to my lack of drinking lately, my mate Dan Tweedy has reminded me that drinking is "a marathon not a sprint!". Sound advice indeed from the man who has missed more matches due to hangovers than I care to remember!