Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Day 41 - Random acts of kindess (Part 1).

There have been a number of random acts of kindness during the course of the big run. I think it is worth highlighting them in the blog over the coming days.

The first one I wish to speak of was by Bill Tweedy (pictured). I reckon his wife Linda had a big part to play in this too. Bill and Linda are the parents of my mates James and Dan Tweedy.

It was Bill's 60th birthday bash on day 30 of the big run. I was running through Bristol around this time so, unfortunately, I couldn't attend.

At the party, Bill and Linda had placed envelopes on the guest's tables and asked everybody if they would like to contribute the price of a pint to the run fund. It seems some of the contributions were very generous and Linda later commented that "some of them must have thought you only drank Cristal Champagne!".

A lot of Bill and Linda's old neighbours were there and they remembered my Mam from her days as a dinner lady at Holley Park school in Washington. Bill and Linda used to live near the school you see.

The first I knew of this whipround was when a donation was made via the justgiving website. It was for £180 and made by "Party Animals". The comment with the donation read " Missed you on Sunday. Here's what we saved buying you drinks!!". I racked my brains but I couldn't think who the Party Animals were. Then the penny dropped!

I must say a special thank you to Bill and Linda for taking time out and remembering my run on Bill's special day. Thanks to the very generous party guests are also due.

Pictured to the right is Bill in his Sunday morning "reading the paper" outfit.