Saturday, 11 August 2007

Day 36 - Another scorcher.

It's red hot this morning in Bodmin. I've managed to get an internet connection! I'm so pleased I did as the emails that were sent yesterday have been, once again, inspiring to read.

Today's route will see me running from the west of Bodmin on the A30 to somewhere near Camborne.

My GPS watch is fully functional again. It was flat as a pancake yesterday despite putting it on charge overnight as per usual.

Let's hope Newcastle get a good result today at Bolton. It's a fixture I've not missed for some time now and I wish I was there cheering on the lads. If I was a betting man I'd go for a 3-1 win with Smith, Geremi and Solano (if selected) on the scoresheet. I'm never right though. I'm your typical Toon optimist. I am optimistic about getting a result myself today though. And that would be to put myself within touching distance of the finish line at Lands End.