Friday, 10 August 2007

Day 35 - You lot are my inspiration.

Thank you for the many emails that have been sent today. Here are a selection of quotes that will inspire me over the next 75 miles.

Terry Armstrong - "I've just donated £20 but I really wish I could have afforded more. What you are doing is such an amazing thing. I hope you get a deserved rest at the end of it all. I had Leukaemia as a child and without the help of amazing people like you I wouldn't have survived. You may not have directly helped me back then but the fact that you're an inspiration to many will no doubt save many more lives. On behalf of everyone that you help, thank you.".

John Steele - "I am transfixed by your run, I find myself logging on almost every hour to see if you have updated, I feel like probably lots of other people that I have actually run alongside you, I am hurting with you, when you had your shin and muscle problems I wanted to mail you and give you the benefit of my limited running experience, stretching, compression tights, massage etc etc but then I thought, hang on this guy has run further in a week that you run in a year".

Niall Kenyon - "KEEP GOING mate you’re a credit to you’re MAM, your lass, the bairn, your family, the North East, the Toon, the Club and yasel, I’m proud too know we have blokes like you supporting the Club and great charities like St Benedict’s Hospice."

Stu Coulthard - "Three to go buddy. Read yesterdays blog (34) and was nearly reduced to tears myself. Just remember who and what you're doing this for. All of us back home are wishing you on every single step, we all really, really are mate. After what you've done so far 75 miles is a piece of cake, you can start thinking of the finish line soon. You are a legend and a true Geordie hero. ONE LAST PUSH SON! Go on Mark!".

Paul Edwards - "Just a another small message of support from someone who has been so overwhelmed by your efforts. I think I can understand the mental battle you are having to fight to get to the end but after what you have done so far, those last 75 miles aren't going to be anywhere near beating you.

I'm lucky to be going to Bolton tomorrow but I tell you what, I'd swap any result for the Toon if it was a choice to get you to the finishing line safe and sound. However, even though we haven't met, I know that won't have to be the case cos your strength, determination, family support and the cause itself will help you get there. Can you imagine the pride your boy is going to have when he's talking to people and tells them what his dad went through in memory of his gran?

So keep going and remember the Toon Army are right behind."

Alan Millen (from the exiles)- "Here's hoping your example inspires both the crowd and the players. The road is long, with many a winding turn ...".

Peter Maddison - "I'm on holiday today, but still avidly reading the blog to keep up with your progress!

I must admit, I think the book is a great idea - never mind Lance Armstrong for inspiration!

I've got the new bloody Harry Potter book to read, but haven't read a page yet, 'cos I'm too busy checking your blog!!!!

I'm sure you'll now get an idea of the support I'm getting on a daily basis. Please keep the emails coming. It's one of the first things I check when I finish running for the day. The scheduled start time today is 11:30 and I'll be looking to break the day up again with a 16 mile effort followed by a 9 mile finish in cooler conditions.

Due to the lack of a meal last night I feel a little shaky, so on The Coach's advice I'll be taking on more carbs during today. A couple of tins of creamed rice and a load of bananas should do it. Needless to say I'll have my iPod in one pocket and some toilet paper in the other!

Today's music by the way has been provided by the Exiles. They were good enough to send me 2 CD's of their music and now is the right time to listen to them. You can check them out at