Friday, 3 August 2007

Day 28 - The ultimate reward!

When I set out on this crazy run I hoped to raise £5000 for St Benedict's Hospice. That target has been blown out of the water thanks to the Northern Rock Foundation and readers of NUFC.COM.

I no longer have any expectations regarding the fund. The amount raised so far has made all of the effort, sweat, tears and pain worthwhile. Of course, I will still be trying to raise as much as I can as I run the last 10 days of this very gruelling tour.

If raising this most amazing amount wasn't enough, to be invited to run a lap of honour by the club is beyond any dreams I had when I set off from John O'Groats in dreadfully wet conditions 28 days ago.

I have tried my best to be a good ambassador for the region and Newcastle in particular. I'm so pleased that this has been recognised by so many people on the route, those kind folk who have made a pledge and now Newcastle United. Most of this recognition, I might add, would not have been achieved without the help of Niall and Biffa at NUFC.COM. Both St Benedict's Hospice and myself owe so many thanks to so many people.

In the meantime, back to business. There's still a job to do! It's due to be about 24 degrees down here today in the South West.

Rab C McMahon was disappointed that there was nowhere to get a Magners on Ice over breakfast. He's under strict instructions to wait until after I finish running today. He's chosen not to use Sat Nav or a detailed map of the route. Instead, he'll be using the dodgy compass that he's brought with him. That thing seems to be about 90 degrees out. Once it stops spinning that is! "Ach, dinnae worry aboot it, it'll be alreet an tha rood" was his final defence about our new found bit of navigation equipment.