Sunday 9 January 2011

Twitter Support

We have been busy this weekend trying to raise awareness of the run across the USA within the celebrity world on Twitter. There have been several good responses and a number of new followers and hits on my blog as a result.

One response that I was very pleased with came from celebrity chef (and fellow runner) Gordon Ramsey. Don't worry, it wasn't that "tirade" as per the picture to the right. His message read "holy mackerel best of british and eat well ! Good luck.".

Other notable responses came from Lorraine Kelly, TV Chef Dean Edwards, former pop star Antony Costa from Blue, 5 live commentator Darren Fletcher, TV presenter Angellica Bell and actor Gary Lucy.

Those guys have over a quarter of a million followers on Twitter between them so to be able to publicise the run to a larger audience in this way is a real bonus. The proof of the pudding was an increase in website hits over the weekend as well as attracting more followers on Twitter.