Wednesday 19 January 2011 good plans for coverage

I really enjoy working with people who are as enthusiastic about the Run Geordie Run project as I am. Today was no exception as I had the pleasure of meeting up with Gary Philipson and Lisa Shaw from the Real Radio Breakfast show and their boss, programme controller, Jon Kirby.

On the agenda, were Real Radio's plans to support and promote my charity effort across the USA. Plans are still to be finalised and logistics worked out (including how we work around the time difference). Based on discussions so far, it is my hope that I can provide a regular progress update live on air on the Breakfast Show.  This will involve me getting up in the middle of the night. This is something I can live with if it means bringing excellent publicity to the run and the 2 charities.

The icing on the cake, in the plans, is for Gary to run the final day with me and have the finish covered live on Real Radio. This "big finish" would be a far cry from the time I reached Lands End in 2007 with Katy and Jack applauding politely!

Watch this space as Real Radio's plans take shape over the coming weeks and months.