Sunday 9 January 2011

Double Money!

Do you remember Family Fortunes in the 80's? If so, then you're sure to remember Max Bygraves saying "Big Money....We are now going to play for double money".

With that "double money" catch phrase in mind I'm pleased to announce that I have a very good chance of getting charity funds doubled in 2011 by The Northern Rock Foundation.

I have applied to the Foundation for fund matching on numerous occasions while working at Northern Rock. It must be stated that applications are not guaranteed to be successful. However, I'm pleased to say that mine always have been.

A maximum of £1000 can be matched in 2011. So if you would like to make a donation then please be aware that there is a very good chance that it will get matched by The Northern Rock Foundation. So, for example, if you sponsor me, say £5 via then the charity will see an extra £5 donated by the Foundation. I do have to submit the application before I leave in April. So, if you're thinking about sponsoring me then please don't leave it too late. It would be a shame to miss out on the "Big Money".

If you would like to sponsor me for "RUNNING COAST TO COAST ACROSS THE USA IN 100 DAYS" then please visit: for St Benedict's Hospice for The Children's Foundation

Any amount, no matter how large or small, would be very greatly appreciated. Rest assured, that I'm going to work extremely hard to earn all pledges. Thanks so much in anticipation of your kind support.