Friday 21 January 2011

It's the final countdown……..

Oh lordy! There are now only 100 days left until I set off from Huntington Beach in California. The same time, incidentally, that it will take me to run coast to coast right across the USA.

There is a lot of planning and organisation still to be done. I'll be booking my flights later today and the deposit for the RV has been paid already.

Thanks go to British Airways for giving me a discount on the flights to LA from Newcastle and back again from New York. They did ask if they could help me arrange the flights from LA to New York. "Ah well, I'll be running that bit".

Thanks also goes to Shalini Austin at SDSA Motorhome Rental. SDSA are UK based and are essentially an agent, acting on my behalf, to procure an RV in the USA. SDSA have offered me a vehicle at cost price and that is very much appreciated.

If you are an individual or company who would like to sponsor the RV (or Team Bus as I like to call it) then please drop me a line at for further info. I can offer some really good publicity in return and your logo splashed all over the Team Bus.

Speaking of publicity, listen out for me on the Real Radio news bulletins this morning. You can listen live here.