Wednesday 12 January 2011

Assembling the Run Geordie Run USA 2011 Support Team

Up until yesterday morning, the motley crue that I like to call the Run Geordie Run USA 2011 Support Team consisted of Richard Scholfield, Jon Cockerill and Kirsty Reid. Richard and Jon will be driving the "Team Bus" and Kirsty is a Sports Therapist.

Those names have been on the "teamsheet" for a while so yesterday I thought that it was about time that I stepped up the search for new recruits. By the end of the day I'd managed to add 2 additional drivers to the team; Carlton Fletcher and Andy Witherspoon. Carlton, of course, was on support duty on the recent run from Edinburgh to Newcastle.

You'll hear a lot more about all of those guys in the build up to the run across the USA. In the meantime, I'm very pleased to have 7 weeks of the run covered for driving and 4 weeks of sports therapy.

I'm also working on getting the Team Bus sponsored which means I will be able to hire a slightly larger model than I'd originally planned. Click here to view the layout of the "Team Bus".

If you would like to apply to join the Run Geordie Run USA 2011 Support Team then please click here