Thursday, 24 June 2010


Oh dear! It looks like our intrepid local charity hero "Geordie" has had a bit of an accident in training! I fear that "Big Dave the Porsonal Trainer" won't be "owa happy" with his antics! 

Never fear though as, while Geordie is only able to "hobble aboot", he's on a strict diet. His specially appointed dietician, "Russell Sprout" will be making sure that our favourite local charity raising runner doesn't scoff "owa many Peter's Pies".

But seriously folks, the very talented illustrator Gary Hogg and I have been thrashing about some ideas today. We have already secured some space in a major selling monthly local publication (more news on that when I'm able to share it). Soon you'll be able to read all aboot his charity antics!

Gary is working on some comic strip situations that loosely mirror the recent goings on in the world of Run Geordie Run. Hence, the above concept image of Geordie, The Grant Edwards Run Geordie Run Plaster Cast and those blummin' crutches!

If you are involved in a printed publication and would like to include "The Adventures of Run Geordie Run" in your pages then please drop me a line at

There will be more news on our canny runner "Geordie" and his adventures soon, but in the meantime I would really appreciate it if you would visit Gary Hogg's website. Gary is donating all of his time for free and I really appreciate that. I've got a couple of his books on the way and a colouring book for the Bairn.

There's plenty of canny stuff on his site that would make ideal gifts for local and exiled Geordies alike. Gary's site is here.