Wednesday 2 June 2010

Kit Sponsor sought

Run Geordie Run is on the lookout for a main kit sponsor. Do you see that big blank space on the front of the t-shirt? That's where the sponsors logo would go on this particular item. All proceeds from sponsorship would, of course, go to St Benedict's Hospice (Charity No. 1019410) and The Children's Foundation (Charity No. 1000013).

I've got a lot of kit from Adidas and this is what will be worn in all future media appearances and during the run across the USA in 2011. 

Based on the number of hits my website gets and the various TV, newspaper and internet appearances so far I can guarantee a lot of good exposure for any company who would like to have their logo on my kit. 

Last month, I featured on the local news programme Tyne Tees Tonight and only last week, of course, I made the front page of the local regional newspaper, The Journal.

I have appeared countless times on the very well respected independent Newcastle United fan site I will feature on that site in the build up and during the actual run itself. receive tens of thousands of hits per day.

Superkrush films have kindly offered to produce an advert for Run Geordie Run. The 30 second version will be shown to users of  the popular UK freeview website There are almost one million members of that site!!

I'm sure there's plenty more coverage to come in the UK. However, the Stateside division of my PR department is working overtime to ensure that the 3100 mile run receives as much attention as possible while I'm in the USA. Given the special relationship the UK has with the USA, I'm really hoping that that I can capture the imagination of the American audience.

The story of the first Geordie to run 3100 miles across the USA in 100 days during the Summer of 2011 raising tens of thousands of pounds for 2 local charities is going to be big news. If your company would like to be heavily associated with that story then please get in touch at