Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The adventures of Run Geordie Run

Ok, so it's just a working title at the moment, but very soon you'll be able to read all about "The adventures of Run Geordie Run" in comic strip form. Yep, you heard it here first! 

Local illustrator, Gary Hogg, has agreed to donate his time and produce a Run Geordie Run comic strip. I gave him the very short remit of producing "a cross between Billy Whizz and Andy Capp". The resulting character is what you see above. One of my followers on Twitter (SlabSquatthrust) commented "Love it! Looks like Andy Capp has been hitting the gym!!!".

As soon as I saw the final drawing I found myself wanting to know more about this character. Does he have any pals? What is he going to get up to? What will his first words be?

At the time of writing, I have already had one major local publication agree to include the comic strip. This is amazing bearing in mind that this has gone from initial idea to concept drawing to an agreed character in less than 24 hours.

The aim is to entertain with a short cartoon strip as well as delivering a message in the spirit of Run Geordie Run. I'll reveal more news about where you can read all about his adventures when I can. You'll also see him popping up on this blog from time to time when the occasion merits it.

More on "Run Geordie Run" soon, but in the meantime I would really appreciate it if you would visit Gary Hogg's website. There are a number of really good Geordie related items on his site. They would make ideal gifts for local and exiled Geordies alike. Gary's site is here.