Sunday, 6 June 2010

They tried to make me go to rehab!

The rehabilitation on my ankle break has so far consisted of a lot of lying about with my foot raised, a lot of planning and organisation for USA 2011, some weight training for my upper body and about as much xbox playing as I've managed for years.

It's been almost two weeks since I had 2 pins inserted into my ankle.

I'm due to have a follow up x-ray on Monday and I'm hoping for good news from the consultant. If all is well then the plaster cast will be taken off my right leg in little over a month's time. It is then that the real fight back to fitness will begin.

Rather appropriately, I'd like to highlight a project that that The Children's Foundation are involved in. The 3D motivational sports theatre, situated in The Great North Children's Hospital, will help with the rehabilitation of children in our region. It is something that I heard about a couple of months ago and I've always wanted to write about it on my blog.

As the Operations Director at The Children's Foundation, Caroline O'Doherty, explains - "Due to be fully completed by summer 2010, the Great North Children’s Hospital will be a centre for excellence in children’s healthcare for this region, similar to Great Ormond Street in London.

For the first time, children’s services will be under one roof, including a dedicated accident and emergency department, outpatient area and imaging suite.

The new children’s hospital will be a fantastic resource, where children with life threatening conditions from the North East and beyond, can receive the very best treatment.

The 3D Sports Rehabilitation Theatre consists of exercise machines which are linked to a 3D visual display. The system provides visual motivation for children to carry out physical exercise and thereby promote rehabilitation. The 3D systems also provide enjoyable distraction during periods of normal exercise for patients who are spending long periods of time in hospital. In simple terms, two children can compete against each other and by allocating the children a different colour they can visually see how many 3D objects they create. This allows both the patients and staff to visually monitor and record progress.

We want to make a child’s time in hospital as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Rehabilitation exercise can be painful and can often make children feel anxious. The 3D Sports Rehabilitation Room will allow children to exercise together, compete, have fun, aid their recovery and improve their wellbeing.".

Having spent a few days in hospital recently and being the big softie that I am, I can really understand the need to make a child's time in hospital "comfortable" and "stress-free". I did try to "man up"! Really I did! I've even had to resort to referring to my ankle as "Bionic". I now refuse to say the other B word ("broken").

But seriously, I get the feeling that we are all going to hear a lot more over the coming years about the good work that will be done within The Great North Children's Hospital. In the meantime, as I begin my own rehabilitation, I will be thinking of all of those brave children who will be undergoing their own in the 3D Sports Rehabilitation Theatre in Newcastle for years to come.