Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sponsorship Landmark

Great news! Today, the fund for St Benedict's Hospice and The Children's Foundation burst through the £11,000 barrier. That's 16,350 in US dollars for my overseas readers (other exchange rate conversions are available on request!). 

A donation of £30.32 by Paul Smith (aka The Twitchhiker) got the charity fund to exactly £11,000. A subsequent donation from Steve Lank ensured that the charity fund didn't stay there long and it currently sits proudly at £11,010.

The good thing about the charity fund is that it contains very little in the way of traditional pledges to be paid upon successful completion of the run. Out of that £11,010, a whopping £9,870 has already been passed to the 2 charities. At the time of writing, £1,140 is due to be collected after the run. £1,000 of which is a very generous pledge from Ivor Potter.

Rest assured, I'll be working very hard to earn the money already paid and that which is to be paid at the end of the run across the USA. 

All that is really left for me to say is a massive THANK YOU to everybody who has contributed to the 2 charities so far. Your support is very much appreciated.