Monday, 29 March 2010

Wheeeerrrreeeeee has the t-shirt been this week?

The Run Geordie Run T-shirt has been seen all over the globe. So far it has made it onto Live at Studio 5 with Melinda Messenger and Kate Walsh, Soccer AM with Helen Chamberlain and Max Rushden and Soccer Saturday with Jeff Stelling. Thats all well and good but, with respect, it has never appeared in a location as prestigious as today's.

Oh yes, Ladies and Gentlemen! The Run Geordie Run T-Shirt made it in the Real Radio studios with breakfast show presenters Lisa Shaw and Gary Phillipson this morning.

I quizzed the pair as to how much of the £10 selling price goes to St Benedict's Hospice (Charity No. 1019410) and The Children's Foundation (Charity No. 1000013). Gary guessed £8.25, while Lisa chipped in with £8.50.

They were pretty gobsmacked, I can tell you, when they found out that the FULL £10 goes to the charities. How much? I hear you ask. YES YOU HEARD RIGHT, THE FULL £10. You pay £10 and all of it, yes all of it goes to 2 wonderful local charities. Nobody is making a penny from the sale of these t-shirts, which is exactly how we at Run Geordie Run like to do our fundraising.

Over £2500 has been raised so far as a result of t-shirt sales and this money has gone straight to the charities, via, allowing them to make use of the money straight away. Brilliant!

Production for each t-shirt was kindly paid for by reader Peter McCowie and made, at cost price, by my friends at They are screen printed, front and back, for durable and long term use. That means they are good for the gym, the pub, the beach or even all three! Sizes available are S, M, L,XL and XXL.

If you would like a t-shirt then please click here to be taken to the order form. Payment can be made by cheque or (which allows funds to be sent straight to the 2 charities).

Thanks to Lisa, Gary and the 8:15 Vending Machine for posing with the Run Geordie Run t-shirt. If like me you like great banter then why don't you catch their show from 6 - 10 am on Real Radio (100 - 102 FM).