Friday, 26 March 2010

"Battle in the Borders"

The last time I ran from Carter Bar was on the 20th July 2007. It was day 14 of my 874 mile run from John O'Groats to Lands End. I had incredible shin pain around that time that reduced me to tears. There was no way I was ever going to give up, though, as there was almost £14,000 sponsor money in the pot at that point! 

As it turns out, I arrived safely in Lands End 23 days later. With a final total raised of £34,108 for St Benedict's Hospice, it was just as well I ran through the shin pain in those early days around the Borders (and down to Lancaster!).

Anyway! Fast forward almost 3 years to tomorrow morning and you'll find me stood in the same place (pictured), that I was back in July 2007. This time, however, there will be no excruciating shin pain and I certainly won't have run 350 miles from John O'Groats in the previous 13 days!

There will be some similarities though. The charity fund this time around currently stands at £7,457. Although, it is next year's run across the USA for which that sum of money has been pledged for. I do expect the run to be as every bit as difficult as last time! It's a tough hilly course after all.

As I recall, it was a 22 mile effort back in 2007. Tomorrow's route goes 10 miles beyond that. Tomorrow's route is 32 miles in total.

I want to get to the finish line in under 8 hours. In fact, scrub that! 7 hours, 30 minutes will represent a good day's work. I think I'll call this one "Battle in the Borders". Watch this space (as well as Twitter and Facebook) for updates during the course of the day. I'll leave you with the words of Craig Gair who sent a message wishing me well this evening.

"I'd wish you luck, but its nothing to do with luck..... you have the determination to see this one off no problem. Enjoy what you can and grit your teeth for the rest!".