Friday, 12 March 2010

Week 70 almost in the bag.

So far this week I've managed 6 half marathons. The thing that has surprised me most is the fact that I've had no aches or pains from any of those 13.1 (or 13.5 on Monday) mile efforts! Seriously! There has been little physical evidence that I've actually done any running. It's an encouraging sign, given the fact that I've managed 78 miles so far this week

What I have experienced, though, is a little bit of de-hydration on a couple of days. Will I ever learn! Worse than that has been the tiredness! I've never had so many early nights as I have this week! 

To bring week 70 to a close I have the small matter of my last half marathon of the week tomorrow. I'm going to treat myself to a lie in so the run will be done when I get back from the Boro match. If Newcastle get the 3 points then I'll be well up for the run. Howay lads! Don't let me down!