Saturday, 7 February 2009

Very close to a successful week 14!

At the time of writing, I'm 16.7 miles short of this week's target of 60 miles. This isn't bad at all considering the weather we've had and I've got every chance of meeting what is most certainly a very challenging target. 

After today's regular Bootcamp and steps session, Mark Fleming and I went for a 8.5 mile run to St Mary's Lighthouse and back. I also used this opportunity to get some professional photos taken for sponsor's Brooks Sports website.

Local photographer, Fraser Scott, took time out of his busy schedule to take some most brilliant pictures (pity I'm in them!). I've seen some of his previous work before and was keen to get him down to Tynemouth to take a few snaps. I must say that the work I've seen of some of the weddings he's snapped is nothing short of stunning. If you're in need of a photographer's services then Fraser is your man!

Anyway,  tomorrow will see me head into the very snowy Pennines for those final 16.7 miles. It's going to be colder than today so my tracksuit bottoms may get a rare outing!  

Thankfully, next week is a low mileage week and I have 2 sessions with Mark Fleming. After I told him what I've eaten this week he's promised to push me to the limit! Great!