Saturday, 28 February 2009

Day 4 (without chocolate)!

While my diet in January was very very good, it was really really bad in February. Unsurprisingly, the main culprit was chocolate! It wasn't unusual for me to have 3 bars a day some days, especially on days where I was running a lot of miles. This just won't do so I've decided to impose a complete ban on all things choclatey! It has worked for booze and I still haven't touched a drop since August 29th 2008. 

While I'm on, I'm adding crisps and Bacon Sarnies to the list of no go foods. Just like chocolate, the need for salty crisps after a long run was great!

There's really little else wrong with the food that I eat. Katy still cooks very healthy things for tea and this has been the case for a long while now. In fact, just today she made some cracking home made roast parsnip and onion soup. After 20 steps it was just the ticket! I'm going to look further into improving things with less bread and more pasta (wholemeal pasta of course). 

I haven't had chocolate, crisps or a bacon sarnie for 4 days now and there are 70 miles to run in training next week! The benefits and drawbacks of the improved diet will be seen very soon. In the meantime, there is absolutely no chance of a crumb of chocolate passing between my lips! There, I've said it!