Sunday, 18 March 2007

Time to get out of the comfort zone!

With 50 relatively easy miles of training achieved this week, it is now time to try and get out of the comfort zone. Things are going far too well, so next week's plan is to run home from work (17 miles) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This will be a real test of where I am at this stage of my training and will either serve as a great confidence boost or bring me crashing down to earth with the realisation of the scale of this year's run. Also, for every mile done on the road, strength work in the gym is needed as a compliment. I've somehow got to look at getting at least 3 gym sessions done. It seems that there are hardly enough hours in the week to get all the required exercise in. How on earth do proper athletes manage?

Incidentally, the final run of the week was on the Derwent Walk Path (yet again). However, instead of ending at Shotley Bridge I started there and as a result it was 95% downhill. What a way to end the week! Well almost! This is the last time I put my iPod on shuffle mode when it is out of easy reach in my backpack. Just 2 miles into the run I was graced with a Bing Crosby classic. White Christmas! Note to self - Remove all of the seasonal albums from the iPod before setting off from John O'Groats in July. In fact, given my musical tastes I think I'd better review all 40GB and remove any songs that would have a negative impact on my running. For instance, I could have done without "What's that coming over the hill? Is it a Monster?" after 3 miles of running in the dark last Wednesday.