Saturday, 31 March 2007

A sensible week of training

I've only attempted 2 runs this week due to the pain in my lower back. The pain only occurs when I get up to a certain speed or distance on a run. I've taken the same approach with this injury as I did with the groin strain that occurred in February - i.e. no running! I've found this quite frustrating as I'm keen to prove how much I've improved on the shorter runs after so many long runs. It's no major issue because I feel that the training to date has been of the highest quality. I could never have imagined that running 50 miles a week would be so easy. Also, and probably more importantly, my recovery times after a long run have been reduced to virtually nothing. So all in all I'm in pretty good nick with 3 months of training left.

This week's lack of running doesn't mean a lack of exercise altogether. I've had 2 hard sessions in the gym where, thankfully, I've felt no back pain whatsoever. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed on Monday.