Monday, 26 March 2007

Road side support rota almost complete

Great news today! I've managed to fill 5 of the previously unsupported 9 days on the run. On the flip side of the coin, these 6 days are to be provided by a man who thinks Barcelona is North of London. What can possibly go wrong! It's a good job I'll have the route worked out prior to setting off!

Anyway, despite his grade F in geography, thanks go to Owen for pledging a few days of his time (and annual leave!). The other support days will be provided by another colleague - Keith and my good lady wife Katy and son and heir - Jack. I'll be profiling each member of the support crew in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, pictured left is Owen while following his team (Celtic) in Europe. He's holding aloft a trophy awarded for the worst ever sense of direction.

Keith, Owen, Katy and Jack are providing 38 days of support between them. This leaves only 4 days left to fill. Does anyone fancy driving after some fat runner this summer?