Friday, 16 March 2007

Another comfortable week of training

I've just ran my 39th mile of the week finishing, yet again, with an 11 mile run up the Derwent Walk Path. I'm averaging a very comfortable 9 and a half minutes per mile pace and find myself finishing every run in a strong fashion. My training is going very much to plan.

The challenge now is to get this training mileage up to over 50 miles per week for the remainder of March and in April. I then hope to get up to 60 miles per week in May and June. If I stick to this plan then I reckon I've got a very good chance of completing the big run in July and August. The immediate challenge, however, is to finish this week off in style with an 11 mile run on Sunday giving me a total of 50 miles for the week and possibly the most training mileage that I've ever done for an event in one week.