Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Whereeeeerrrreeereee has the t-shirt been this week?

The Run Geordie Run t-shirt grand tour continued this week in great sporting style when captain Carl Hayman brought his Newcastle Falcons squad to Northern Rock for a signing session.

I took the opportunity to get some Run Geordie Run t-shirts signed by the full squad. Which was nice! Perhaps I'll auction these off in aid of the 2 charities in the near future. Any offers folks?

Before the squad signed the shirts, the Falcons PR girl asked me to stand up, introduce myself and tell them all what the run across the USA was all about and who I was raising funds for. It's a good job that talking about and promoting the run is very much my forte these days. The lads looked very impressed indeed when they heard about how many miles I had to run and how many days I had to do it in!

As I made my way round the squad with t-shirts to sign I was bombarded with questions from all angles. "How many miles do you have to run each day", "What time of year will you be running?", "Do you hope to get out of Vegas?" were just a few examples. I've got to say that I very much enjoyed answering each and every question that was thrown my way.

The lads were really friendly and the fact that they showed a genuine interest in the USA 2011 run has served as a massive morale boost!

Thanks go to Louise Rourke and Louise Ormston for arranging the signing session and to Carl Hayman and the Newcastle Falcons for making my day, month and year!

Don't forget to tune in to the same place next week to find out where the Run Geordie Run t-shirt gets to!