Tuesday, 15 December 2009

I tried!

My plan to sweat out this chest infection has failed miserably! On Friday I spent an hour on my Spinning bike. I felt really good after this session so it was off to David Fairlamb's Beach Bootcamp on Saturday morning. That was a really tough session with little room to get your breath back. Very, very enjoyable as ever though! Straight after Bootcamp I managed 4 lots of steps in King Edward's Bay. It was a very poor effort but I saw it as a start all the same!

I went into Sunday's 10.5 mile "Peter's Pies 6 Tyne Bridges Challenge" with the aim of just getting round in 1 piece. The first 6 miles were slow but at least I didn't experience the coughing fits that have plagued me for 4 weeks now. I had to stop quite a few times during the final 5.5 miles to cough and spit. Nice!

It was obvious at the end of the run that I had returned to training too early and the plan now is to rest up until the cough has gone. Fingers crossed that I'm only a week or two away from running again.

In the meantime, all of a sudden, I have lots of time on my hands with which to continue the planning, preparation and fundraising for the USA 2011 run. Every cloud!!!