Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Rest Geordie Rest!

As I reported yesterday; "It was obvious at the end of the run that I had returned to training too early and the plan now is to rest up until the cough has gone. Fingers crossed that I'm only a week or two away from running again.".

I took the drastic step (for me) of visiting my own Doctor this afternoon. After sounding my lungs out, right enough, she agreed that the chest infection is still there! Gutted!

She prescribed me some antibiotics and steroids to take over the next week and advised no exercise for 2 weeks. Gutted!

I'm taking consolation in the fact that this will give me a chance to enjoy more of Christmas with my family. It will also give me a chance to concentrate on the many, many tasks involved with the planning and preparation for the USA 2011 run. Believe you me, my USA road atlas is very well thumbed indeed! I may need another one very shortly at this rate!

I'll also be spending time researching how I can best avoid another chest infection. I think another 37 mile run in cold, wet conditions is never to be repeated!  I've got nothing to prove now. I know I can go the distance in a single session. It pains me to say it but I think I need to make better use of the treadmill on the colder days where longer distances and considerably more time is needed! I'm also looking into arranging another winter training week abroad in as difficult a climate I can find. After all, these are the conditions I'll be running in during the Summer of 2011.

Finally, I'm in constant contact with trainers and mentors David Fairlamb and Mark Fleming. I'll be continuing to ask them for their advice and re-assurance every step of the way. These 2 guys have played a massive part so far in my preparations for the run across the USA in 17 months time! 17 MONTHS TIME!!!!!!!!!