Thursday, 3 December 2009

Wheeeerrrreeeeee has the t-shirt been this week?

Oh boy, oh boy! The Run Geordie Run t-shirt is certainly getting about these days. Today, I was very grateful to Kate Walsh and Melinda Messenger for taking time out between makeup and appearing on screen on "Live from Studio Five".

This snap was taken by their makeup artist Susi Moser who told the girls all about the up and coming run across the USA in 2011. Susi said that "They were both gobsmacked when they found out about the run".

To say that I was "over the moon" is an absolute understatement when Susi passed on the girls good wishes and told me that they wished me "lots of luck".

Thanks to Suzi for putting the Run Geordie Run t-shirt she bought recently to very good use indeed. You can catch Kate and Melinda (and Ian Wright) on Channel 5 weekdays from 18:25 until 19:30.

T-Shirts are priced at £10 each with the full £10 going to the charities. Production for each t-shirt was paid for by reader Peter McCowie and made, at cost price, by my friends at They are screen printed, front and back, for durable and long term use. If you would like a t-shirt then please follow these 2 easy steps:

1) Pay £10 per t-shirt required to (St Benedict's Hospice) or (The Children's Foundation). Or you could choose to split your payment and pay £5 to each charity. The choice is yours. Cheques payable to either charity are also accepted. Please get in touch at for details on where to post your cheque.

2) Email with details of how many t-shirts you would like, size(s) and where they should be posted to.