Friday, 2 October 2009

Run Geordie Run - Charity songs now available!

One evening in July 2008 brought about a brain wave as I rode my bike home from work listening to The Exiles on my iPod. As I put it in an article on this blog back then: "All of a sudden I had a flash of inspiration! I thought it would be an amazing idea if I could get the Exiles to write and record a song for the next big run.

My initial idea was for it to be used in the regular videos and podcasts I intend to send back from the USA in 2011. "Why stop there" I thought! We could make this a charity song, sell it as a download and in the shops and proceeds could be split between The Children's Foundation and St Benedict's Hospice. Genius!".

Well 12 months later, after the hard work and dedication of Alan Millen and Tim Readman (aka The Exiles) the dream has become a reality. They have written and recorded 2 songs in support of the run across the USA and they are now available to buy in CD format as well as from a download site.

The CD is available for a minimum donation of £3. This can be paid at either (St Benedict's Hospice) or (The Children's Foundation). Then drop me a line at with your address and I'll pop it in the post. The beauty of buying on CD is that the full £3 goes to the charities. This is thanks to Tim and Alan for donating all of their time for free, not to mention the studio time that was used. Oh and thanks must also go to Simon Kelly, Brian Wells and Fraser Scott who contributed towards the photography, artwork and printing.

The songs are also available to download as a pair from at $2.98 with about $2.23 going to the 2 charities. That's about £1.39 at today's exchange rate.

I'll add a piece about The Exiles over the weekend. In the meantime, why not get in touch for a CD or download the tracks. Thanks in anticipation of your continued, wonderful support.