Sunday, 4 October 2009

A fun week 49 ahead!

Week 49 got off to a great start today with a 20 mile run from Birtley to Durham and back. Mike Lewis provided the company and the time seemed to fly by as we completed the course in 03:39:32. That time was about par for the course for me but very slow for Mike. After a rough calculation I think I would have been on for a sub 5 hour marathon distance which would have been a PB for me.

As I said, it was a great start to week 49 where the target is 30 miles with some gym sessions and Spinning classes. The pressure is well and truly off this week and I'm simply going to enjoy it.

I should say that there will be 5 minutes of this week that I probably won't enjoy. I'll be getting a body composition test tomorrow before the 90 minute gym session with Mark Fleming. I'll be videoing the whole thing and once I've edited the swear words out and CGI'd the looks of disgust into smiley faces I'll put it on the blog.