Sunday, 11 October 2009

The plan for weeks 50 - 52

I'll soon be bringing the 1st year of USA 2011 training to a close, but rest assured the next 3 weeks promise to be very tough indeed.

This week's (week 50) planned mileage is 70 miles. For once, I'll be dropping the average distance per session down to allow some shorter faster runs to take place. The average distance that I've been running recently has been 14.7 miles per session. This has proved a lot of things to me and gives me an reasonable indication of where I'm at but is far too high an average mileage at this stage of proceedings. And moreover, at my current weight!

This week, I'll be adding a few treadmill sessions into the schedule. I always run faster on a treadmill and in the past this pace has continued on into my road running. A point which was well proven with a string of PBs this year.

Week 51 will be more of the same. The target this time, though, will be 75 miles. I hope to throw a few hills in for good measure too which will probably be done in the Pennines.

Week 52 will be much the same as last week (week 49). i.e. a couple of personal training sessions and some spinning classes. As an added bonus, I'll be attempting the 37 mile run from Shotley Bridge to Blyth on 31st October. 09:40:28 is the time that I'll be out to beat. If I'm successful at that, then I may consider bringing forward the 2 back to back 32 mile runs that I'd planned to do in January to December.

All in all, it's going to be a hectic 3 weeks. I'll also be aiming to get the fund over the £3,000 mark before the end of week 52. If you'd like to help me do that by buying a t-shirt (£10) or CD (£3) then please get in touch at The full amount goes to St Benedict's Hospice and The Children's Foundation. Nobody other than the 2 charities is making a penny from the sale of those items. Which I think is brilliant personally!