Monday, 10 August 2009

Week 41 gets off to a good solid start

On tonight's 11 mile run, the aim was to try and beat the time I set 2 weeks ago for this course. With the first mile done in 00:08:31 I thought I was in with a decent chance. However, despite 4 of the 11 miles being done at a sub 9 minute mile pace it wasn't to be and I fell short by only 5 seconds.

Looking back at the split times it seems that I lost it on the hills (as pictured in the elevation profile diagram) with 3 miles at over 11 minute mile pace. Still, I'm very happy at making a good start to week 41 and I hope to continue that today with 2 good sessions. By the end of today, I also hope to have less than 70 miles to do this week. As I mentioned the other day, today's focus is not 100% on running but on the nutrition around it. Watch this space for more food related blog posts than usual.