Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Back on track!

It was a complete and utter disaster yesterday (Tuesday) where, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to get any running done. There is hardly a week goes by these days where something unexpected happens to upset my routine. I've just got to put up with it, though, and do what I can when I can. Having said that, I'm very confident of getting all 90 miles done this week. And that is despite having a mini break to "That London" this weekend. Yes, I'll be taking my trainers!

Anyway, the main reason I'm confident of getting the mileage done is all due to 2 good runs today. The first was a 6 mile effort in 00:49:30. I ran the first mile in 00:07:46 which was way too quick given all of the running I've still got to do this week. I felt very fresh indeed due to the rest day. This is not what I'm after in terms of my "no rest, no recovery" approach to training. One of the main aims of my training schedule is to put my body under as much stress as possible day in, day out. Learning how to best recover under these circumstances is possibly the single most important lesson I can take to the USA in 2011. With this in mind I've got some very testing runs planned starting in September and they will feature more regularly during 2010. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, back to today's running. I followed that 6 mile run up with 13.1 miles after work. The time was nothing to write home about at 02:15:59. Once again though, I'd finished a lengthy run very comfortably indeed. In that respect, I could draw a lot of comparisons with this run and the hilly 15.4 mile run last Sunday. Oh and a few more runs of late now I think about it.

Today's endeavours mean that I've salvaged this week's training schedule, after yesterday's blip, having clocked up 45.5 miles. I'm well ahead of the required average 8 miles per session too, which is a bonus. That figure stands at 11.4 miles per session. It's all set up for a successful week. Looks like I'll have to do 2 runs in London on Saturday though. It's never straightforward these days!