Monday, 10 August 2009

Tough going!

Ok, so this week's plan is to focus on getting my nutrition right while running 90 miles. Without having the usual junk (chocolate, crisps etc) to rely on I really struggled today. The 5 mile run at lunchtime was fairly uneventful. However, this evening's 11 miler descended into farce as I simply ran out of fuel and only managed 1.5 miles before heading back to base!

I must be running at quite a calorie deficit given that I've burned 2300 calories in less than 24 hours through exercise alone. During that same time, I've eaten far less than I'm used to with porridge for breakfast, a ham salad sandwich and jacket tatey for lunch and a chicken salad for tea. Tomorrow, I'll be attempting the same 2 runs (5 and 11 miles) with a slightly bigger helping of porridge for breakfast and a home made wholeweat pasta salad to be eaten during the course of the day. Oh and I've got some nice fruit to try. If I don't get the right amount of food right tomorrow, I'll simply try again the following day.

I must admit that I'm missing chocolate very badly indeed! It's been a week since I've had a bar. Hopefully the cravings will subside soon! On the other hand, already I feel as if I've detoxed slightly.