Saturday, 1 August 2009

Goodbye Sir Bobby - One of the finest men I'm ever likely to meet.

Death is an inevitable part of life but when the world loses a great man such as Sir Bobby Robson that seems no consolation or comfort.

In 2002, I played in a charity match at St James Park and the following year was asked to attend an event to promote the 2003 event. It was at that event that I met Sir Bobby Robson. This is what I wrote on this blog a few years ago about it:

"I did an interview for Sky Sports News the following May and photos of this appeared in the programme. The interview involved me doing keepy uppies with Peter Beardsley and John Carver at the side of the pitch. Peter did about 10 and so did John before I wellied the ball into the Milburn Stand! HAVE IT!!!!!

Moments later, Sir Bobby Robson arrived to do an interview. He was a patron of the Football Aid charity. After the interview I got to talk to him for 5 minutes. He took one look at me and said "Did you manage to last the whole 90 minutes?". We then talked about my Mam's Uncle - Charlie Wayman. Charlie played for Newcastle in the forties and was a prolific little goal scorer. Bobby remembered lots about him and it was great to talk to one of the finest men I'm ever likely to meet.".