Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Much better in week 41

It seems that for one day, just one day, I actually managed to get the nutrition level right to allow me to do 2 good runs. The first, was a quicker than of late 6 mile effort around the Town Moor. Not bad considering I'd just had a bowl of watery porridge (or oat soup! I haven't yet decided) from the canteen for breakfast and 2 bananas.

Later on in the day I decided to have another go at the hilly 11 mile run that I managed on Sunday but failed to do last night due to a lack of energy. Other than the last 1/2 mile energy levels were really good with the last 4 miles all done under 9 minutes each. Like Sunday, though, I lost a bit of time on the hills. As I lose weight I should improve in this area. In the past, I would never have been able to do 11 miles after a day's work and a quick lunchtime run. The difference today was that I'd been grazing most of the afternoon on a wholewheat pasta salad that I'd made.

Today, I've got a wholewheat spaghetti salad to get me through the day. I should hopefully have only 40/41 miles left to do this week by the end of the day. Oh and I can't finish this post without mentioning colleague Paul Taylor who waved 3 rashers of bacon and numerous twix bars under my nose yesterday. What a guy!