Sunday, 22 March 2009

Week 20, Day 6 - 64.4 miles done, 10.6 left on Mother's Day!

Since Friday's long run home it's all been a bit of a struggle! I managed 8.7 miles yesterday afternoon after a very tough Beach Bootcamp session in the morning. I wasn't able to do my planned run immediately after Bootcamp and 12 lots of very tough steps in King Edwards Bay. Instead, I parked my car at the Metro Centre and ran to the match and back later in the day. Running back down the Scotswood Road wasn't the best after a 1 - 3 defeat by Arsenal.

I haven't done the sums yet but I think my average times per mile have plummeted meaning that the quality of my running has tailed off somewhat. On the plus side, the feeling of tiredness that I've got now is exactly what I'm after. This is the feeling that I once used to get after running 30 miles per week. It's testament to my training that it's kicked in after 64 miles, Beach Bootcamp and 12 lots of steps!

I'll be reflecting on this week's training with Mark Fleming and David Fairlamb next week. In the meantime I've got 10.6 miles left to run today. I'll be trying to run with as much quality as possible to end the week in some style. Given how tired I feel this morning, this will be easier said than done! But on this Mother's Day, just like most other days, I'll be thinking about my Mam (pictured) as I run down the Derwent Valley. If that's not enough to give anyone strength I don't know what will.