Thursday 5 March 2009

36 done, 34 left.

I'm on fine form this week with 36 miles done so far at an average pace of 00:08:24 per mile! This is top form indeed by my standards and I should give myself a good chance of getting the planned 70 miles in with a 17 mile run home from work tomorrow afternoon. That will just leave 9.4 miles to do on Saturday after Bootcamp and Steps and 7.6 in the Pennines on Sunday. Easy peasy!

Katy has done more than her fair share of school runs this week to allow me to get all of the running in. I'm on a low mileage week next week so I'll be increasing my school drop off/pick up responsibilities. This approach will be vital going forwards when I'm scheduled to run over 100 miles every other week. I won't hesitate to pull the plug on this mileage though, the minute that I feel it is affecting Katy and Jack. It's going well so far so fingers crossed!

I'm also pleased to report that the quality of my food intake has increased. I'd let things slip in February but I've not had chocolate, crisps or a bacon sarnie for 8 days now. I've had a lot more fruit instead. Taking a punnett of plums into work has made for numerous double entendres. They are a filthy lot!