Friday, 6 March 2009

Very close to a successful week 18!

I took a different route from Gosforth to Shotley Bridge tonight and it turned out to be 17.4 miles! That didn't matter as I was looking for at least 17 which is just about my range on an unsupported run. There was a fabulous climb from Team Valley all the way to Burnopfield which didn't turn out to be too bad on the legs at all. I'm now just 16.6 miles short of the planned 70 this week. 

It's Beach Bootcamp in the morning followed by 12 lots of steps and a 9.6 mile run. I'll not be going full pelt at Bootcamp and just like 2 weeks ago I'll be using it as a bit of a loosener. If I get through all of that then all I'll be left with is 7 miles on Sunday which will probably be done in Derwent Valley somewhere with a few climbs thrown in for good measure!

It's going to be tough tomorrow with 53.4 miles in my legs already but I'm so close to one of the best weeks of training ever. It's had everything so far; pace, hills, distance but most of all quality throughout and backed by some good nutrition. It's time to maintain that level of quality over the next 2 days and bring a close to week 18 of training for USA 2011 in some style.