Monday, 30 March 2009

Run like an Egyptian.

After over 5 months of training, things are going to veer from the normal schedule for the next few weeks. The intensity and quality will remain however! 

This week got off to an excellent start with a 90 minute personal training session under the instruction of Mark Fleming. I went into it feeling very jaded and under the weather. After a tough workout, I left feeling invigorated and any signs of the weekend's head cold had disappeared. How did that happen? The head cold had made me miss my first Boot Camp in 20 weeks. I was gutted at the time but it was nice to spend Saturday morning at home for once! Jack and I even managed to watch 3 Bond movies that day! 

I've got 2 Spinning classes to get through on Tuesday morning and Wednesday lunchtime. Then, on Thursday, I will be travelling to Egypt with Katy and Jack for a family holiday. We are there for 10 days and I'm hoping to get 50 miles of running done when I'm there. The main aim is to learn a few lessons that running in heat and humidity will provide. It's been 15 months since I ran in Dubai and I haven't really experienced those kinds of conditions since! The weather in Egypt will be a few degrees cooler than the Mojave Desert in May 2011 where I would expect the temperatures to reside in the 90's. Ouch! 

On my return from Egypt I'll be straight into a gym week with a few classes and a session with Mark Fleming. I'll be having a Body Composition Test that week too! Not what you want after an all inclusive holiday! Doh! The following week I'll be having another crack at running 75 miles with a variety of speed and distance. If that week is a success then the USA 2011 training schedule will be back on track and I'll be well on my way to reaching the 110 miles a week target by July 2009. It's an important few weeks ahead but I've got a feeling I'm going to really enjoy them.