Sunday, 15 March 2009

75 quality miles is the target for week 20!

If I put as much effort into next week's training (week 20) as I did in yesterday's session on the steps at Tynemouth then I have a fighting chance of completing all of the planned 75 miles. It's a big week of training and one where I'll learn a few lessons no doubt. The main lesson, once again, will be concerned with consuming the best quality and quantity of food to support all of the exercise. The daily principals are simple - Porridge for Breakfast, Carbs of some sort for lunch and lean meat and salad for tea. I'll be throwing in plenty of fruit too. Those are the principals. Putting it into practice is almost as difficult as doing all of the running!

Yesterday saw me tackle a new personal best of 21 sets of steps in King Edwards Bay, Tynemouth following a very tough Beach Bootcamp. The usual crowd were there and a few people also managed personal bests, even Dave Fairlamb I think! At the time of writing this post almost 30 hours have passed since that steps session and my calf muscles are still very sore. I'll be looking to get rid of this soreness with my first run of the week at 7 am tomorrow morning! Great!

I'll hopefully get things off to a good start tomorrow and 11 miles are the target. I'm again looking for more quality next week in my running. To keep things interesting I'll be aiming to beat an average pace of 08:58 set 2 weeks ago for 70 miles. That in itself is going to be a tall order but it should keep me focussed. Watch this space for further updates during the week!