Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Day 19 - A change of tactics.

I'm about to make a bold move today. I'm going to keep off the road for 1 day and give my hamstring (as well as my shins) some more ice and their first rest in 19 days and 443 miles. The hamstring feels much better already after 4 hours of ice last night but my shin pain is quite bad.

This decision has been made easier by the fact that Katy had to take my son Jack to hospital last night after he was complaining of a headache and sore throat. He has a viral infection, which will also benefit from a day's rest before we hit the road again.

There is now a possibility that I may have to use the contingency day at the end of the run as this rest day will put me roughly 12 miles behind on the required daily average schedule. That is what it is there for though.

Thanks for all the emails of support and thanks to the new sponsors for getting the fund a good way past £14,000.

Thanks also to Mark Huck who has been the support person for the last 2 days. You'll be able to read all about that when I update the blog with the last 3 days worth of reviews.