Monday, 24 August 2009

11 miles with no energy

My original plan to do 2 sessions was scuppered today when a few things "got in the way". I was resigned to doing my training in 1 session after work. In terms of energy I left it far too late to run with my last intake of pasta coming 5 hours before I set off.

Nevertheless, I was determined to continue the good start to the week. I set off with no particular route in mind other than to do a massive loop around Gosforth and explore some new paths and roads. Fawdon was the first port of call and by the time I ran through it and reached the Great North Road it was quite apparent that I had no energy left. It was a shame really as I'd started the run feeling really good with no aches or pains from yesterday's hilly effort.

At the 3 mile point I had a choice to make. Would I continue on or head back to base which was only half a mile away? It wasn't a decision really! I don't think that anyone who is training to run 3100 miles in 100 days should ever take the easy option in training.

So continue on I did, all the way down the Great North Road to Exhibition Park and up Claremont Road. By now I was running 11/12 minute miles with the same feeling of hunger that I've had so many times in the past. The difference this time though was that I could very easily tolerate it. I may have had no energy left but as long as I reduced the speed I would be able to get round the route. In fact, I only burned 1051 calories throughout the whole run.

Once I made it to the summit of the run in Cowgate, I was quite relieved as the last couple of miles was downhill. I made it to the finish in 02:02:35 having ran 11 miles. Brilliant! Slow! But brilliant!

Now what lessons can I take from this? None really! I've just got to accept that during a normal working week, my running and eating schedule will be disrupted. At least, during the 3100 mile run in the USA this lack of energy should never happen. I'll have a support team at my beck and call. I could have done with them today on the Great North Road for a quick massage and a bowl of pasta. Wholewheat of course!