Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Week 20, day 3 - 11.6 miles on a lovely sunny day!

John Brettell was the guide today for a brand new 11.6 mile tour of the places north of Gosforth (Brunswick, Hazelrigg, Wideopen, Peter Barratt's Garden Centre and the Findus Factory). John dubbed it the "Run Geordie Run Promotional Tour" as we were both wearing those rather splendid t-shirts of the same name available from this site (See the link on the right hand side).
It was a lovely day for a long run and it was nice to spend 01:48:36 in a decent temperature for once. I could definitely feel yesterday's 2 speedy runs in my legs and was grateful for the slower pace.

The run wasn't too problematic but I did find myself very thirsty at the end. I must think about taking on more fluid before a run as the temperatures start to increase over the coming months. 

So where does that leave me in week 20 of the USA training schedule? That's 33.6 miles done leaving 41.4 still left to do. I'll be doing 2 x 5 mile runs tomorrow at a sensible pace (how many times do I say that these days!) with a hilly 17.4 mile run home on Friday. That will leave me with only 14 miles to do at the weekend! 9 of those will be done after Beach Bootcamp and 12 sets of steps on Saturday and the final 5 miles will be left for Sunday. Sounds like a plan!