Sunday, 8 July 2007


Thanks ever so much to the Toon Army for the many many pledges made since the lads at were kind enough to put my story on their site.

While I've been typing this blog entry "Roland Rigidbottom" has just made a £50 donation asking "Fifty quid on Newcastle to win the league... This is isn't it?". Classic!

The fund is at £9221.50 at the time of writing. Simply amazing!

UPDATE - After a couple of overnight donations the fund has risen to £9331.50. The amount contributed by readers is now £1892. If this isn't a good omen I don't know what is for 1892 was the year that our great club was founded. The last superb donation from Chris Wilko carried the message " NUFC to let you run round the pitch 1st home game, remember Brendan '74 Wembley ". Now that would be canny!