Friday, 6 July 2007

Sponsorship landmark and then some!

I was just sitting in a pub in Wick getting my tea when a text message came through saying that my run had been publicised on and the fund raising target of £5000 had been exceeded. Straight away, the "pre match nerves" gained as a result of the 400 mile drive on the route, lessened somewhat. I'd just like to express my gratitude (from my cheap B&B in Wick and via a dodgy wi-fi connection) to those readers of (some of who I know) for the most generous donations. From a personal point of view, it's going to be a great help over the next 36 days, knowing I'm running for such a sizable amount. I was so excited when I was told the fund was over £5000 that I almost bought myself a pint in the pub. Almost!

That's not the end of it either. Earlier good news came when I found out that the Northern Rock Foundation have agreed to double match all pledges made by Northern Rock employees. So that's £2 donated by the Foundation for every £1 pledged by my colleagues at Northern Rock.

I'm still coming to terms with these amazing amounts and I'm trying to calculate how much exactly I'll be running for. I should be having an early night really! I think it's in the region of £9000. I'm going to therefore increase my fundraising target to £10,000. This is to ensure that I keep putting in the effort on the fundraising front while en-route.

Once again thanks to one and all for the kind pledges and to and the Northern Rock Foundation.

This is Mark Allison signing off from the B&B in Wick. Let the adventure begin!