Sunday, 1 July 2007

Meet the support crew (Part 3)

A new and rather late addition to the motley crew of support is my best man Mark Huck. "Ewky" or "Hucky", as he is known to the lads, will be providing a couple of days support south of Middleton in Teesdale in the Pennines. Mark agreed to join the crew after a few pints in Newcastle on Saturday night. A few pints of orange for me I might add! It's been 181 days since New Year's Eve and my last had a drop of alcohol. Mind you, what a drop it was! I still had the hangover in February!

Mark is a teacher. So lets face it what else has he got to do this summer! He is black and white through and through, so no doubt in between running we will be talking about all things Toon, Big Sam etc etc.

Pictured is Hucky with some bird he pulled in Euro Disney. He had such a great time there a few months ago and he is thinking of taking his wife and bairns next time!

Mark's sense of humour will be invaluable on the trip as I will more than likely have lost mine after running 400 miles during the previous 2 weeks!